About Me . Woop Woop!

Hi guys

Just starting this blog , just for fun 🙂

Just wanna introduce my self ,My name is Rian Wijaya , y’all can call me Rian

I’m from Indonesia , from a small town , but i’m loving the US , New York,LA,Vegas , always want to go there,but maybe that will never happen :’) lol

I love drawing,music,arts,photography,andd love watching TV

My fav show was Glee (of course) , The Glee Project , ANTM , American Idol and much more

I love fashion , well a little bit XD , and love music , my fav singer was Taylor Swift,Nellie Veitenheimer,Stefano Langone and Michael Weisman

Hmmm… i think that i’m wierd,crazy,and just like…. WIERD lol

well maybe that’s it , if you’re interested just follow me (i need followers guys lol)

If you’re an Indonesian follow me 🙂

Much Love , Woop Woop


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