America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : 1st Photoshoot

So the theme for the first photoshoot is an “Alternative Wedding” and it’s a group shot

So here’s the pics and my opinion about them 🙂


Too stiff , but like the face thought.She’s clearly not the star of this picture ( I still looking at Jeremy lol ) . For her , it’s a 6



The face is gorgeous , but this picture look so sexual , not good. I’ll give her a 6



Soo boring , don’t see any model in this picture , not a good shot for her. 4 maybe.



Love this , Fierce! She could do much more with the body but i really like it . I’ll give her a 8 .


5.Chris H.

He looks good , but no connection with the camera and with Don.More neck , and it will be better. 7 for me


6.Chris S.

Nah. Hate it,Looked short and not really sure about the expression . 5



I love this whole shot. The connection is real. Love his face. Strong body . Just like Chlea , I’ll give him a 8



One word ,STIFF.No expression and connection. Chris H. defenetly outshined Don in this. 4



Loooovee this. My favorite shot beside Chlea and Cory. He looks good , and calm , eventhought he’s naked. His body looks good , I’ll give him a 9 😀



My absolute favorite shot beside Jourdan and Jeremy .Fierce!! Love her face , the bone structure , she looks masculine. Perfect . 10 out of 10 



Awesome. Love this. She’s so beautiful! They actually look really good together ( or as a couple maybe 😀 ) , I’ll give her a 9



I love the way she sells the dress , not sure about the lips , but it’s really good . 8 for me



Nah.Stiff , that’s it . 4



She stands out here , but looks really stiff . 6



It’s very creative , Kinda like it. 7



Like the bone structure , Stiff . 5


Who should be called first : Jiana , Jourdan , Jeremy

Who should be eliminated : Mike or Bianca

All of this is my opinion , post your comment if you want to give any response.. 🙂


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