America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys And Girls : 2nd Photoshoot : Sexy Fierce

The second photoshoot theme is “Sexy Fierce” and it’s a group shot , AGAIN

This week the contestants need to work with 2 guest models , they’re the one and only “Rob Evans” and the Victoria Secret model “Angel Alessanda Ambrosio”


Dead eyes , no Smize , looked really awkward with the position. 5


2.Chris H.

Hot! Love it. Love the smize , the position of his body , he’s working it! I’ll give him 10 out of 10



Looked kinda uncomfortable , like the face thought . He can do so much better . 6



Her face is just all wrong , plus she look very very short . Not my favorite , Alessandra steals the spotlight. 4



Why the camera is so far away ?!? We can’t really see her face . But she’s working her body . 7 from me



Can’t see his face , no neck , Alex outshined him in this . Not good. I’ll give him a 5



It’s not a really good shot for my baby Jeremy , he can do so much better than that. I wish he could just stands up so he can show his body. Still love him thought. 7 from me



Once again Jiana KILLED IT!! The pose is spectacular! It could be easily turn out awkward but she turn it  to High Fashion. The face is gorgeous. Fierce H2T ! Once again 10 out of 10



She’s stunning , but this picture felt flat. She could work her body more and smize a little more. But she have so much potential. 7



This is just awkward. His lips was not relaxed , awkward position . 5 for him 



He did so much better than the last time. He looked really good. Love the smize and the forehead makeup thing. I’ll give him a 8



She should work her body , show us some curve girl! Flat and not good. 6 from me



Very animalistic! Really like this. The smize is spot on. I’ll give him a 8



She looked shocked , surpised and super short. Hate it. 4 is enough


Soo what happend to Bianca and Chris S. ? They were eliminated , or they quited? Dunno

Who should be called first : Jiana and Chris H.

Who should be eliminated : Chlea or Kanani


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