America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys And Girls : 4th Photoshoot ( COMMERCIAL)

Soo the theme for this commercial is a “Role Reversal” and i think this is the stupidest thing ever!

This is so wack , none of them are really believeable , well some of them did good , but overall horrible shoot. No one should be eliminated because this is soo awful.

Here’s the stills shoots


She did good , one of the best from the bunch. Love the eyes. 9 from me



She still looked like a girl. what’s up with the face girl?? She looks mad. 5


3.Chris H.

Dragalicious. Horibble , but it’s not really his fault. I’ll give him a 4



I think he’s the only guy who’s really embodies the theme. He clearly shines from the other guys , and i really appreciate it. 9 from me 🙂



I like the eyes , hate the wig.  6 from me



What’s up with the makeup ?? They make baby Jeremy looked awful. Some people said he look like a drug addict XD . But i love the eyes and the little smile, it’s very seductive. I’ll give him a 7



It’s very boy-ish , she nailed it i think. Good effort. I’ll give her a 8



She looked sad , not my favorite picture of her. And she still looks like a girl . I’ll give her a 6



Bad boy alert! I think she potrayed a boy really well. Oper your eyes more. I’ll give her a 8



Candid shot, hate it. 3



Dragalicious and it’s a mess. 3



Her eyes are amazing , giving the attitude , but her lips and her face looks so uncomfortable. 7



Lose that beard , and he’ll look like a girl. He looked like Johnny Wujek lol. 7 from me



Still look like a girl  ,like the intensity in her eyes . 6 from me


Who should be called first : Alex and Jiana and Cory

Who should be eliminated : No one , but i think there will be a person eliminated. So i think it will be Don or Marvin or Mike


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