America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys And Girls : 5th Photoshoot : Fashion Nail Art

Hi guys..

So the 5th photoshoot of ANTM Cycle 20 has come out , and i loved it!! Finally they do a great individual shoot , and the theme is awesome !

So here it is..


Love the face , super strong . Her hand could be more relaxed, but overall i love it 🙂 I’ll give her a 8



Ugh Hate it, Painful ,The face is just all wrong , and we can’t even see the nails. Just 5


3.Chris H.

The hands look a little wierd, but his face is Fierce! Smizing! I’ll give him a 9 out of 10



Amazing! Super vulnerable, his eyes are amazing, selling those nails, amazing pose. Love it. 10 out of 10



He did so much better. Selling those nails, nice face, but could be stronger. Overall i like it. I’ll give him a 8



Love it !! The eyes are amazing, love the pose, looked super relaxed. Super HOT!

The armpit hair could be deleted, but it didn’t ruin the picture. 😀 9 out of 10



Love the face and the hands. Selling those nails, and i love that neckleace 😀 .One of my favorites. 9 out of 10



Wow, the face is amazing, love the hands, but there’s some tension in her neck.

I’m pretty sure Tyra gonna comment on that just like Leila . But i love it. I’ll happily give her a 9 🙂



Meh, dead eyes, looked really sleepy. Not a fan. Just 5



Nice body , great bone structure as always. But same face in every shot.Kinda dissapointing, but not a bad picture, definetly better than previous weeks. I’ll give him a 7



Flat , Boring , and just Meh. 4



Really unique, her shot stands out , out of everyone. Nice picture. 8 from me 🙂



He looked like Jesus. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Really like the eyes. He did so much better than last week hideous shot. I’ll give him a 7



Wow i wasn’t expecting this from her. Fierce. Love the eyes, her hand is perfect , her skin is glowing, Strong picture! The best i had seen her. I’ll give her a 9 😀


A lot of them succeded in this photoshoot, some are amazing , some are just … NO

Who should be called first : Chris H. , Cory , Jeremy , Jourdan , Jiana and Renee

Who should be eliminated : Chlea ( i had enough of her already ) , Kanani or Mike

My favorite shoot by far from this cycle 🙂 Finally the ANTM Crew listen to the people 😀


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