America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys And Girls : 6th Photoshoot : Fashion Paint Art

Hola y’all.. 🙂

The newest photoshoot has come out and the theme is “Fashion Paint Art” , it’s sort of a paint was thrown at the models in slowmotion , and it produce some amazing shots..

So here it is…


Nice face but wierd hands. She can do so much better. 6



OMG how many bad shots she can make?? Horrible, hate the face , modeling 101 , it’s a mess. Just 4 


3.Chris H.

Amazing!! Love the body , super fierce. Nice face , but he could put up some more intensity. He didn’t even care about the paint. Love it. He’s very consistent. 9 from me 🙂



Wierd face but strong body, he looked like he’s dancing. He can do better, it’s not his best. I’ll give him a 8



Duck face! Strong body but his hand looked wierd. Not my favorite. 7



Weak face , but really nice body. It’s not his best shot , but it’s not his worse. 7 from me



Strong body but her face looked like “WHAT??” . Not her best but i still like it. I’ll give her a 7



Fantastic!! Totally high fashion! Love the face , she looked like she’s wearing a dress. She’s working it. 10 out of 10 🙂



Meh. Blank face and too posy. 4



As usual , great body but weak face. He didn’t grow from the past few weeks. Dissapointing! 5 from me



Nice intensity in his eyes but no body language. So so for me. I’ll give him a 6



Her face is stunning, amazing pose , High Fashion! 10 out of 10



He’s tooching , but blank face and body. Not good. 5



Amazing pose, her outfit looked like wings. She could be more intenst but i love it. 9 out of 10


Who should be called first : Jourdan and Nina

Who should be eliminated : Chlea ( Ugh.! ) , Kanani ( Ugh too! ) , Marvin or Phil


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