American Idol Season 12 : Top 10 Perform

So i’m trying to do something different, not ANTM blog this time. I was thinking ’bout doin’ an AI blog, so hope y’all liked it. I’ll do this while waiting for the next photos of ANTM.

Here’s the videos and my opinion ’bout them. I rank them too. So here it is. . . . . . 

1.Candice Glover – I Who Have Nothing

Outstanding! Amazing! Awesome! That’s it.


2.Amber Holcomb – A Moment Like This

Her tone is beautiful , great song choice. Her dress is way too long, it makes her looked a little bit older, but it doesn’t really matter. Amazing!


3.Angie Miller – I Surrender

She looked amazing , her voice is amazing , she has the star quailty. Love it.


4.Burnell Taylor – Flying Without Wings

Love it. Great song choice, i hope he could do something different next time, a little upbeat maybe. But overall great job


5.Kree Harrison – Crying

Her voice is very unique. She did a really good job singing this song.


6.Paul Jolley – Amazed

He took criticism really well and applied it. He did a great job. Not oversing it, beautiful.


7.Curtis Finch Jr. – I Believe

I feel like it’s not his best performance. He’s been doin’ this over and over again, it’s kinda Boring. Do something different next time !


8.Janelle Arthur – Gone

Not the right song for her, she could so more ballads. But it’s entertaining and i love that she’s more confident now.


9.Lazaro Arbos – Breakaway

Wrong song! It’s way too low for him, not his best performance.


10.Devin Velez – Temporary Home

Wrong song! Terrible. Nothing special here, step up dude.

No hate y’all 🙂


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