America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys And Girls : 7th Photoshoot : Fields Of Fashion

Hola y’all finally the next photos of ANTM Cycle 20 has just come out.

The theme is Outdoor Fashion Couture, and after looking at all of the photos , this is not what i was expected.

I thought there’s gonna be trees , and the clothes are flowing. But they did it just by laying down, on the grass.

It’s really simple, but i really liked it. It’s very magical and stuff.

So here it is…


Great face, but wierd body. Her face didn’t match her face at all. Dissapointing. 6



The first time a saw this picture of her , i was thinking ” wow it’s really good.” . But after i looked at it again, it’s AWFUL. Her face is just all wrong, and with that legs she looked like she’s gonna give birth of a baby. Hate it! Can i just give her a 3 ?


3.Chris H.

This guy has never given any bad photos. This photo is great , but i didn’t think it was his best from all of his past photoshoot. His face is great. I’ll give him a 8



Wierd hair. It’s a little flat. And i think it’s his worst shot. The body is really flat. Nothin Special. 6



He looked like he just fell to a hole. He lost his legs beacuse of the grass. The face is good. He can do much better. I’ll give him a 7



His face is amazing, looked really Twilight-ish. Love the blue hair. But his body is really stiff.He could work his body more. I’ll give him a 8



Love the face , but wierd body. Not her best. 7



I love everything about this picture except her right hand. Her right hand looked smaller than the other one. And she looked like she has no fingers in it. But i love the face, the hair , the dress , the pointed toes. Love it. 10 out of 10



Her body is very graceful , but her face? She looked scared and ashamed. She did much better than her previous shoot. 7 from me



I hate everything except his red hair. He looked like he’s going to burst into laugh, he just laying there. He didn’t improve AT ALL. 4



His muscle looked really good. But his face and his body looked really awkward. Not his best. 6



Wow. Just Wow! It’s totally amazing. Her face is very dreamy, love that dress, love the styling. She looked like a mermaid, couture mermaid. Obviously 10 out of 10



He always looked like Johnny Wujek lol. Horibble legs! Hate the face. Hate everything. 4 is enough



I love this picture. Her expression is really different, love the curves. One of her legs was covered by the dress. I love the sensitivity in this picture. 10 out of 10


Who should be called first : Nina , Jourdan and Renee ( for guys it’s Jeremy and Chris H. )

Who should be eliminated : Chela ( obviously ) , Marvin ( Ugh. ) , or Phil


2 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys And Girls : 7th Photoshoot : Fields Of Fashion

  1. Keep it up, Jeremy! A lot of young people are looking up to your convictions. Been rooting for you since Day 1. Listen to constructive criticism. Learn to work your body in every photoshoot.

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