America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys And Girls : 8th Photoshoot : Flawsome

Hi y’all

So the new photoshoot has been posted, and here it is,,,,

Oh i’m sorry i post it late cuz my computer was bein’ fixed


She stood out here, but it’s not a great photo. It’s flat, not her best, she keeps going weaker and weaker actually. 7



Kim Kardashian’s booty lol. Love the tooch, horibble face. 4


3.Chris H.

Wow i never realize his gap tooth. LEILA!! Love this picture, the face is perfect, giving sum’ attitude. 9 out of 10



I hate his hair like that!! But good face and body, but it’s not Flawsome enough. 7



I think this is his best shot so far. Great face and body. Love the pose, but , what’s so Flawsome ’bout this? Dunno . 8



He looked tanner than before. His face is so *OMG* cute. What the Flaw in this? It’s perfect. 9



Pretty face, disconnected body. Not her best, 7



The best from the bunch, Love the face, attitude girl! She keeps rocking it. 10






Flat face and body, weak face, dead eyes, no smize, not doing anything. Awful. 4



What is he doing with that hand? He looked like he wants to call the waiter. No connection with the co-models, flat face. Meh! 4



WOW to that eyes!! Allison! I love her body position. Love everything about this. 10



When i looked at this photo for the first time, i was directly looking at the girl. He didn’t stand out. Wierd nose lol. 5



Legs for days!! Great position but blank face. 8


Who should be called first : Nina and Jourdan ( For guys , they’re Chris H. and Jeremy )

Who should be eliminated : Chlea , Kanani , Marvin , or Mike


4 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys And Girls : 8th Photoshoot : Flawsome

  1. did you edit these photo’s in any way?? it just seems like some of their features are off…
    like for exampe, jourdans eyebrows, jeremy’s lips, phils’ nose and renee’s forehead

    • No I didn’t edit or retouch it in anyway, that’s their actual photos. And just like the theme , which is Flawsome ( Flaws + Awesome ) the contestants need to embrace their own flaws ( or even fake flaws ) to make It awesome. Example like Phil’s nose was super big. He need to work it out, and Renee’s forehead

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