American Idol Season 12 : Top 9 Perform

Hola y’all

Yea here’s what i thought ’bout last night performances.I rank them too


9.Lazaro Arbos – In My Life

I was really dissapointed with his performance. It was too low, and just not a solid performace. I felt that he’s kinda upset with te result. Yea it’s frustrating, but i still love him. Oh yea, and what the judges said about him after the break was really unessecary. I’m pissed off. It’s just disrespectful, he’s Human and he’s not perfect, so deal with that!! Oh and by the way, i love the way he chose his outfit with bold colours.


8.Paul Jolley – Elanor Rigby

I’ll always love him, but this wasn’t his best performance. The falsetto at the end is a little bit shaky. I love the way he chose his song. It’s different. I love his outfit, the violins and the stage looked stunning. I started to think when he took Jimmy’s advice, he held back. He just need to stay true to himself. He’s great, but not a great performance.


##Well from here it’s pretty difficult. All of them did great.


7.Burnell Taylor – Let It Be

He did great even thought he didn’t know the song.I think he could do more with the song, but overall great performance, but not the best of the bunch.


6.Amber Holcomb – She’s Leaving Home

She did great. I love her outfit, legs for days lol! Yea again she’s a star, and a possible winner, but she didn’t really stands out this week. But great job ‘Ber


5.Kree Harrison – With A Little Help From My Friend

She rocked the house!! I love the way she combine her Country swag with Rock edge. She looked H2T Fierce, but she could wear something more bold, change the colours. #KREEdom


4.Devin Velez – The Long And Winding Road

He was the best guy last night and he come back strong!! He did absolutely amazing. Love everything ’bout it,


My Top 3 :


3.Janelle Arthur – I Will

She did absolutely frickin’ amazing. Love the dress and her hair, looked so stunning. I love that she kept it simple and keep being herself. Well still, a lot of people still bashing on her and i don’t really know why. But I love Janelle 😀


2.Candice Glover – Come Together

It’s fierce, it’s rockin’ . Glad she didn’t do a ballad this time, cuz she show America that she’s very versatile. I love her hair, looked great with pink. Awesome


1.Angie Miller – Yesterday

She wins the night. Absolutely nailed it. She nailed the emotion, she didn’t oversing it, kept it simple, just like her outfit. Simple but Stellar


Yea so that’s what I think ’bout last night’s performance, from what i think, it’s between Paul or Lazaro. But i love both of them, so it’s hard

Once again no hate y’all. It’s just My opinion. LIKE this post or you could post a comment . Thanks 🙂


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