American Idol Season 12 : The Result ( SPOILER ALERT )

So here’s what i think ’bout the result show, and the elimination

Jessica Sanchez is back!!! She performed her new single “Tonight” , here’s the vid

She did awesome. Love the song. Well her clothing choice was a little intersting , it’s too sexy for her.


Casey Abrams is back too. Nah, not a fan of him at all. Here’s the vid


Amber’s rehersal was HILARIOUS!! I was loling so hard lol


So back to the result, the first person who was in the bottom 3 is Paul Jolley , I was kinda expecting that cuz he didn’t do great this week.

And the first person who was safe iss…. Lazaro Arbos , and i was like “What The Hell???” He did absolutely bad, he deserve to be in the bottom 3. Even thought i love him, it’s really unfair.

Anyway, the bottom three were revealed , and they’re Paul Jolley, Devin Velez and Amber Holcomb

My thought about the bottom three:
1. Paul       : you can read it slighty up from here
2. Devin   : he didn’t deserve to be in the bottom AT ALL! He did awesome, bad voting.
3. Amber : wtf? America are you kidding me?? CRAZY!!


And the person who had to sing for the save is…

Paul Jolley. I was really sad :'(, he’s one of my favorite, he hasn’t shine yet, but he will. But it’s his time to go. Here’s his journey vid :

Seriously he shouldn’t be eliminated. It’s such a shame. He’s such a star, and America should vote for the star.
I mean i love Lazaro, but come on. Really dissapointed.
He better do amazing next week, or i’ll Flip Out!!


So yea that’s what i think bout the elimination, Bye Paul, we love you, me too 😀 #troopers

No hate y’all 🙂


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