America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys And Girls : 9th Photoshoot : Embodying Animals

Hola y’all, the new set of photos had been posted , and i must sayy…

It’s not what i was expecting AT ALL!

I thought ” Oh it’s gonna be amazing and fierce ” , but then , they just pose with an animal.Bleh.

So yea, here’s the pic. Some of them did great, some of them, not really

Oh yea i’m pretty sure they did this photoshoot in Bali, Indonesia 😀 , finally!! Tyra and ANTM Crew come to Indonesia! So excited

Anyway, here is all of it..


Nice body. Dead eyes. If she put some intensity in her eyes more, this picture will be great. Not my favorite. 6



Hmm i actually like this picture of her. But flat body. She had been consistenly produce some awful shots, but she improve this week. But yea i’m pretty sure she has been kicked out. 7 from me



OMG Chris what happend to you?!? This picture is so weak. Weak face, weak body. I think the makeup is just too much. This is his worst shot by far. Not his best. 7



No no no no no no!! This is too cheesy! Looked like candid shot! Just no! 5



WOW! Finally he did it!! This is so sick!! Fierce! Totally embodying the snake! Amazing! 10 out of 10



He looked fierce as tiger! Nice muscles, but no neck and his lips looked a little bit awkward. But i still love it! 9 from me



Her face looks really wierd. Not a huge fan of the open mouth. Nice interaction with the snake. Her worst shot by far. 6



What the heck happened to Jourdan?????? This picture is HORRIBLE!! Horrible face! Not embodying the Orang Utan AT ALL! Really dissapointed. Her worst shot by far. 5



Dead eyes. Nice interaction with the Orang Utan, Meh. 4



This is his best shot by far! Nice angle, great face , great body. The bird looked amazing with him. Great shot . 9 from me



What the hell is wrong with the makeup artist? He looked horrible. Nice connection with the Orang Utan. BUT, His face looked pissed, but the Orang Utan looked really cute. So it’s really confusing. 4



Fabulous! Love the face and the body. The snake covered her neck. Wierd hair. But i love it ! 10 out of 10






Cave woman. Dead eyes. Meh. 6


Some of them are really working it. Marvin and Don did their best in this photoshoot.

Who should be called first : Don ( Finally! ) , Nina , Jeremy and Marvin ( Finally! )

Who should be eliminated : Cory , Kanani, Mike or Phil

**I safe Jourdan cuz she had been so well this entire time


One thought on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys And Girls : 9th Photoshoot : Embodying Animals

  1. Wow this was really amazing!!! I totally agree with you!! I can NOT believe they sent Don home!! OMG. Thank you for the photos!!

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