America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys And Girls : 10th Photoshoot : Traditional Photoshoot

Hola y’all

The 10th photoshoot has just been posted, and it’s all about wearing Indonesia’s traditional clothes

It’s not exactly High Fashion, but it’s good.

So here it is…..


She looks gorgeous, BUT she looks soooooo SHORT!! We can’t even see her legs. Not good. She’s going downhill. 5



Horibble face, OK pose, boring. 4



He’s back!! He redeamed himself with this shot. He looks incredible, piercing eyes, great body. Love it! 9 out of 10



Awesome!! Very androgynous, love the position of his body, love the angle of his face, the light hit him perfectly. Perfect! 10 out of 10



After an amazing picture in the last photoshoot, he didn’t bring it this week. The face is kinda-fierce, flat body. Pretty much boring. 6



Absolutely love it!! The body is strong, great muscle, his face looks great. So effortless! The King Has Arrived!! 10 out of 10



Her face and her body are soo disconnected! Her left arm looks dead. Her face is fierce, but her body’s kinda flat. 6



She came back! Love the dress. It’s so beautiful. Love the position of her body, BUT her face didn’t do it for me. It’s a little disconnected. She should be more intense.But i really like it. 8



Nice pose, boring face. 4



Nice shot, but his face looks dead. His body looks great though. 7



Meh! Not a model. 3



Great position, love her face , her cheek bone looks really great. BUT she’s kinda drowning cuz her dress is really big. But i still like it. 9



Nice face. Booty tooch! Hate everything else. 4



Fabulous! I love her eyes, it’s very expressive, i see a story behind her eyes! The position of her body looks great. Love love love it. 10 out of 10


Who should be called first : Cory , Chris , Jeremy , Nina and Renee

Who should be eliminated : Chlea , Alex , Kanani , Phil , Mike ( I’m pretty sure all of them has been eliminated )


One thought on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys And Girls : 10th Photoshoot : Traditional Photoshoot

  1. My COO

    1. Jourdan
    2. Cory
    3. Alexandra
    4. Chris H.
    5. Nina
    6. Phil
    7. Jeremy
    8. Don
    9. Phil
    10. Kanani
    11. Marvin
    12. Renee
    13. Chlea
    14. Mike (as usual)

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