American Idol Season 12 : Top 8 Perform

Hola y’all gorgeous people

Here’s what i think ’bout last night performances. Overall they did great. Here’s my opinion my my rankings…

8.Angie Miller – Shop Around

Hands down her worst performance ever. I agree with Nicki, she showed her side that she didn’t need to show. It’s just not her best. Kinda dissapointed, but she definetly not going anywhere cuz she has the BIGGEST fanbase… But she need to step up!


7.Lazaro Arbos – For Once In My Life

He came back , and he came back strong. But not as strong as his previous performances, but this is definetly his best performance on the Idol stage.


6.Burnell Taylor – My Cherie Amour

I really enjoyed his performance. It’s original, it’s entertaining! Love it. Love the white suit.


5.Devin Velez – The Tracks Of My Tears

Loveee this! His pitch was great, Love everything. But not strong enough to get to the top of my list 🙂


4.Candice Glover – I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Fierce!! Absolutely amazing. #pow , She consistently did great.


3.Kree Harrison – Don’t Play That Song

She’s so original, she kept being her self! That’s what so great about her. She put her country twist to the song and made it her own! #Kreedom


2.Janelle Arthur – You Keep Me Hangin’ On

I don’t know what the hell is wrong with Nicki! This performance was Frickin’ Amazing!!! I can’t stand her “Pissed off” face after the performace. Nicki just looked so mad. There’s no reason to bashin’ on her. Anyway, she did her best, she made it her own, i love her version of the song. AMAZING!!! #marshmallow


1.Amber Holcomb – Lately

Crazy Amazing!! That’s it


They also did a duet and trio performances, here it is….

3.Burnell Taylor, Lazaro Arbos, and Devin Velez – I Can’t Help My Self

It’s terrible. So tragic. It’s really weak


2.Janelle Arthur and Kree Harrison – Like A Prayer

I did agree with the judges that Kree stood out more here. Janelle’s pitch was not perfect, but i love their performances. #Kreedom #marshmallow


1.Candice Glover, Amber Holcomb and Angie Miller

It’s insane. The high notes was just incredible. I don’t know anything else to say..


So that’s my opinion, no hate y’all 🙂


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