American Idol Season 12 : The Result ( SPOILER ALERT )

Hola y’all , sooo here’s the result and what i think ’bout it

First, the top 8 sang “Old Time Rock and Roll” 

From here, i saw that the boys didn’t really great at harmonies. While the girls nailed it. The girls win it again.


Colton Dixon in the house!!! I was soo excited, he’s one of my favorite last season. Here’s his perfomance, singing his hit song “Love Has Come For Me”


And then OneRepublic and Katherine McPhee Performing “If I Lose Myself”


Here’s what Jimmy thinks ’bout this week performances. I was pretty much agree with everything he said


Back to the result… Here’s the ranks , in no particural order ( i don’t know why they didn’t just tell the actual order )

1. Kree Harrison

2. Candice Glover

3. Janelle Arthur

4. Angie Miller

5. Amber Holcomb

And the bottom 3 are , Lazaro Arbos, Devin Velez and Burnell Taylor. All the girls are safe, i agree.

The first person to be safe from the bottom 3 iss…. Burnell Taylor

I was totally happy that he was save cuz he has an amazing voice

And the person who had to sing for the save ISSSS….

It’s Devin 😥 . I Think he got robbed. He’s the best guy in the competition ( in my opinion ) and Lazaro by far is the weakest ( in my opinion )


Anddd the judges didn’t use their safe! I mean he deserve to be safe. I’m so sorry , but i had lose faith in Lazaro. I love him, but i just didn’t think it was fair AT ALL!! **Sorry to Lazaro’s fans

Here’s his Journey Vid

I was totally pissed, but i’m sure God have something for him, he’ll be an amazing singer in the future. We love you Devin 🙂

5 Girls – 2 Guys

No hate y’all 🙂


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