America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys And Girls : 11th Photoshoot : Embodying Bats

This week photoshoot is all about embodying the bats, so the model had to turn upside down like the bats. It’s really challenging. A lot of the did great.

Here’s the pics


I like her body, love the curves. But her face looks dead. Not great. 5



I think this is her best photo by far. I love her face, fierce. And she really work her body. Great. 9



I love this!! I love the awkwardness in this body, love the face andd his hair stands out. 10 out of 10



It’s too feminime, he need to show his other side. But overall it’s a good photo. The face looks a little uncomfortable. 7



The body with the scarf and everything looks Amazing!! BUT,, His face looks in pain and soo uncomfortable. But i love his body. He looks very vampire-ish. 8



I lovve the face!! Fierce. But his body looks very stiff. We can’t even see his shoulder. Not the best from Jeremy. 8



I love her face. It’s fierce, i just love her open mouth. But her body looks really stiff. But i like it. 8



Awesome!! I just love this. The fabric behind her head looks really different, i love how relaxed her face is. Awesome Jourdan 🙂 10 out of 10



I love how she covered her face. It creates shadow, and she looks very mysterious.She work her body. I think this is her best shot by far. 9 out of 10 🙂



I think he pushed himself too hard. He tilted his head too much. His arm looks awkward. Not his best. 8



This is sooo BAD. His face looks like in pain, Uncomfortable. He’s not presents. 4



The fabrics looks amazing.The face is fierce! She creates great curves, She looks so strong. Very impressive. 10



I like the instensity in his eyes, but no neck , and his hands looks really short. I love how the fabrics looks like wings. This is a good shot from Phil. 7



The face looks great, her skin looks insane amazing! She arched her back which is great.But the fabrics covers most of her neck. But overall this looks great8


Overall they all did great, just a couple person did bad

Who should be called first : NinaJourdanChrisKanani and Chlea

Who should be eliminated : Mike and Alex


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