America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys And Girls : 12th Photoshoot : Guess Campaign

So the final photoshoot has just been posted, and it’s all about selling Guess clothes. It’s also determine who’s the winner of this cycle

So here’s the photos and my opinion ’bout them


Woof Katy Perry! I don’t like this photo. It’s obviously too sexy. I hate how she pulls her pants down. Nah. Guess won’t be happy at all, i think. But she pulled it off. 8


Overall i really like it. Her face is nice, She keep it simple. But her left arm looks kinda awkward. But i like it. One of her best shots. 8


I don’t like this photo, at all. His body just looks flat, he’s not putting any intensity in his eyes, he doesn’t even looked like him. Dissapointing. 6


I don’t really like it, but i don’t hate it either. His body looks flat, but his face looks good. If you compare Cory’s picture to Chris’ , Cory did so much better. 7


This is soooo flat. Dead eyes, no smize. Flat body. Meh picture. 6


This is very very very very best photo 😀 , love his face. The intensity looks great. Great body. He looks like a real model here. Awesome. 10 out of 10 ( Hot! )


Great shot! Great face, very sexy. Nice body, Stunning face, stunning face. How many times should i say it?? Inhaling! One of the best picture in this cycle.


High fashion. Tooching! Not too sexy, great face. It’s kinda playful, with the whole legs position. She’s selling her clothes. Great shot. 10 out of 10


I think the position of her body looks briliant. Great hands and booty tooch. But her face ruined this picture, especially her mouth. 7


Crazy cheek bones! I think the smile looks great. It’s cute,  But for campaign, i prefer something more intense, okay body. 7


It’s just all wrong! Hate the fact that he pulled his sleeves, bad facial expression. 4


I like it, but it’s too posy. Not her best , she should do something more natural and relax. 7


Sooooo boring. And i HATE that weave, Like seriously! 4


No neck monster! Blank face. She looks sad. Meh shot. 5

Who did best : Jourdan , Jeremy and Jiana ( Triple J )

Who did worst  : Mike, Phil, and Renee

From the overall photoshoot of this cycle, who do you think is gonna win?

Post your comments 🙂


13 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys And Girls : 12th Photoshoot : Guess Campaign

    • Yea she’s not super popular with the whole fan vote thing. But i could see her being the dark horse and going overseas.
      I hope so , cuz she’s one of my favs 🙂

      • yh and she is from my country but it hink her social media votes will increase this week and go on because she did way better and i think she is one fo the strongest in challenges, so i think she will be in the finale with Cory and Jourdan or Nina that is my call on final four…………. btw i dont get y ppl like Jeremy he dont do nothing that awesome

      • Yea she did really well in the challenges. My final four btw is Jourdan Nina Chris and Jeremy, but i would love to add Jiana to it. Jeremy is adorable, yes he’s not the stands out model in the competition, but he;s doing well.

  1. oh my gosh wdf! how the hell kanani got eliminated, it is the guys falt os is so damn hot! phil should have been sent home, well jeremy deserved his elimination, hmzz i want one of the girls ot iwn cuz yunn im a guy and i like girls so…. i wonder if im the only str8 guy who watches this lol

    • Everyone watches this show lol. Phil should have went home like seriously. He’s just not a model. Kanani and Jeremy has more potential. Well they could comeback, so..

  2. When it’s all contestants you give Alex 8 or 7, but if it’s eliminated contestants you give Alex 9 or 10.

    • Yea I did change my score. Because when I saw that photo for the first time, I like it. But after looking at it more and more, I love it even more. That’s why I changed it 🙂

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