American Idol Season 12 : Top 7 Perform

So this week theme is all abour Rock. A lot of them did great. Some, not really. So here’s my ranks and what i think bout their performances :

7. Burnell Taylor – You Give Love A Bad Name

The Rock thing is sooooo far away from his comfort zone. And it shows. He sounds uncomfortable. It’s not his style at all. I love the rasp thing in his voice. But it’s not his best.


6. Lazaro Arbos – We Are The Champions

This is his best performance on that stage. The song choice was great. He showed some attitude, and i was really glad he did. He interact with the audience, which is nice. But this performance won’t take him to the top. He needs to work harder.


5. Kree Harrison – Piece Of My Heart

She did great. She could do rock music. She fused her Country swag too. BUT i think she lost a little energy in the middle ? She sounded tired. But i don’t know. Still a great performance ( But Haley’s was incredible )


4. Janelle Arthur – You May Be Right

I think she killed it. Country sweetheart Janelle proved to everyone that she could do Rock! Her wardrobe looked great. Confident!


My Top 3 :


3. Angie Miller – Bring Me To Life

She’s back ! She’s back at the piano, i wasn’t really sure when she got up from the piano. But she rocked it. The last note is incredible! I love the wind and her hair flowing. Awesome


2. Candice Glover – ( I Can’t Get No ) Satisfaction

She’s so consistent! She never dissapoint us. Love her performance. She rocked the house! Screw Nicki bout the song choice. She did incredible!


1. Amber Holcomb – What About Love

Absolutely amazing! Hands down the best performance of the night. She looked stunning! Her vocal was stellar. She rocked the house! AMAZING!!!


So from what i see, Burnell and Lazaro are in trouble. What do y’all think? Post comments :


2 thoughts on “American Idol Season 12 : Top 7 Perform

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