American Idol Season 12 : The Result ( SPOILER ALERT )

Hi y’all so here’s what i think about the elimination

First, the top 7 did a group number , which is “Somebody to Love”

The harmony was great. I really liked it. Next,,,

Carrie Underwood in the house!!!! She’s awesome! She has became a big big superstar! She’s so gorgeous. Love her performance


The this guy, Casey James ( i don’t know who he is lol )


Next, Jimmy commented about the show

I agree with all the things he said. especially when he said “Lazaro’s going home.”


Back to the result.. here’s their ranks in no particular order

1. Kree Harrison

2. Angie Miller

3. Lazaro Arbos ( WTF!!! )

4. Candice Glover

5. Amber Holcomb

6. ???

7. ???

And the bottom to were Janelle Arthur and Burnell Taylor. The person who had to sing for the save isssss…….

It’s Burnell 😦 . NOOO!!!! He’s soooooo frickin’ much better than Lazaro! Seriously?? America just throwed a huge talent away. Crazy!


Here’s his journey vid

This is so stupid!! And he wasn’t even saved!!!! The hell???? Seriously, Devin and Burnell are soooo much better than Lazaro! His huge vote just pissing me off!

I was so glad that Janelle was save. Next week , if Lazaro isn’t going home, i’ll be sooo pissedd!!!!


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