America’s Next Top Model : Cycle 20’s 15 Best Photos

SOoo i have no idea to do, since all the ANTM photos had been posted, and i’ll have to wait till summer to do a recap about it, and American Idol appears next week. I’ll just do a blog, about my top 15 photos in cycle 20

15. Jiana – 1st Photoshoot Alternate Wedding


This picture is fierce! Very very masculine and guy-ish. Strong bone structure and long neck, stunning jawline .Jiana rocked this photoshoot.

14. Jiana – 3rd Photoshoot Trailer Park Chic

The Girl Who Went Around in Circles

Booty tooch, shoei tooch, fierce face, werk that curve. No neck, but this picture still slamin’. Love this.

13. Chris H. – 2nd Photoshoot Sexy Fierce


This is sexy and fierce! Great facial expression, love the arm..Great muscles

12. Nina – 9th Photoshoot Embodying Animals


Quirky Nina work this photoshoot. Great body position, her face was really relaxed, This is fiarce!!

11. Nina – 8th Photoshoot Flawsome


Crazy huge amazing eyes. They’re stunning. She’s this season’s Allison Harvard. lovee this picture

10. Renee – 11th Photoshoot Hanging Upside Down


I mean, just look at her skin. It’s glowing! Fierce intensesity in her eyes, she’s arching her back. More neck, and it’ll be higher in my list. Stunning!

9. Jourdan – 5th Photoshoot Fashion Nail Art

The Girl Who’s Scared of Clown

Those eyes!!!!!! OMG So amazing! The intensesity is awesome. She’s selling those nails, great skin.

8. Jiana – 2nd Photoshoot Sexy Fierce


She’s killing this photo. How could she put her legs like that?? Love the boots. Fierce eyes. Amazing

7. Jourdan – 10th Photoshoot Rice Paddy

The Girl Who Gets Kissed on an Elephant

GODDESS! Fab photo, stunning face, love the angles and the hand positions. AMAZEBALLS

6. Jeremy – 12th Photoshoot Guess Campaign


I mean, this picture is HOOOTTTTT!!!!! Amazing body, great face. He’s giving us a very sexy smize. Awesome picture of him

5.Chris H. – 7th Photoshoot Field Of Fashion

The Girl Whose Walk is TOO Good

Stunning piercing eyes, he loosk very cool, rockstar-ish, and very relax, but not TOO relax. His face looks beautiful. Amazing

4. Nina – 7th Photoshoot Field Of Fashion

The Girl Whose Walk is TOO Good

Nina the mermaid!! This picture is divine! Stunning! The hands looks really graceful, nice dreamy eyes, love that dress.

My Top 3 Picture :

3. Cory – 5th Photoshoot Fashion Nail Art


This is Cory’s best picture in the entire cycle (in my opinion). He shows vulnerability here. That eyes!! He looks soft and very high fashion. Love those nails and the yellow eyebrow. I had chills the first time i saw this,

2. Jiana – 12th Photoshoot Guess Campaign


Stunning facem sexy body, inhaling!! This picture is so GUESS! GUESS would be happy to put this on their billboard for sure.


1. Jourdan – 6th Photoshoot Paint Art

The Guy Who Cries

I’m having a really hard time deciding who’s gonna take the 1st spot, but this picture of Jourdan totally deserves it. She looks fierce as hell, those paints!! She’s like wearing a dress made out of paints. And it looks really nice too. Amazing fierce picture!!

So that’s what i think, if you are dissagree or maybe wanna add something, just tell me . Post your comment below here. 🙂 Don’t be shy


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