America’s Next Top Model : Cycle 20’s 10 Worst Photo

Soo yesterday i posted about the 15 best photo in cycle 20, but now, i’m gonna post the 10 worst photo in cycle 20 ( in my opinion )

10. Chlea – 6th Paint Art


Seriously this is a MESS! Her face just looks uncomfortable, modeling 101. Horibble

9. Marvin – 7th Photoshoot Field of Fashion


The smile was CREEPY as hell! The body looks flat, he looks like a little Baby. Horibble!


8. Mike – 12th Photoshoot Guess Campaign


Wierd face! I hate the fact that he’s pulling his sleeves! Flat body. Guess gonna hate this!


7. Mike – 10th Photoshoot Traditional Photoshoot


He’s just standing there! Blank face, flat body. Meh


6. Mike – 1st Photoshoot Alternate Wedding


Once again, Mike’s just standing there! This is sooooo boring! Meh


5. Chlea – 7th Photoshoot Field of Fashion


Horibble face, horibble legs. She looks like she’s gonna give birth of a baby. Yikes!


4. Mike – 5th Photoshoot Fashion Nail Art


What the hell is he doing with his hands. It’s just placed there! He’s not doing anything, very little intensity in his eyes. Bad picture


3. Mike – 8th Photoshoot Flawsome


He’s like ” Hey waiter! Come here! ” . Nothing’s good in here. Boring face, flat body. The other models looks great.


2. Chlea – 2nd Photoshoot Sexy Fierce


Her face looks like ” OMG! ” She looks surprise, and shocked! She’s looks like she came frome the petite cycle. Super short!!


1. Mike – 3rd Photoshoot Trailer Park Chic


Horibble. What else i can say about this? SHORT!

WOW Mike rocked this list with 6 horibble photo!


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