What I Think About Alex : ANTM Cycle 20

Sooo what i’m going to do now , just posting what i think about the ANTM Cycle 20 contestants. First i’m going to talk about Alex 

Alex is beautiful ( of course ), i mean just look at her casting picture


She’s kinda flat, she just look like a girl that Tyra found from the street. Well i think she came alive when they dyed her hair to dark. Here’s her makeover


She looks so much better with that hair. She looks much more high fashion , and not any other beach girl.

With her personality, i think she’s very passionate, she wants this. You could watch her plea video here

See? She was almost teared up just talking about her dreams. I didn’t think she’s the best girl this cycle, her photos are good in the beggining, just she’s going downhill, and produce some boring shots…..

I like her, i just don’t love her.

” What’s her best shot from the entire cycle? “ Hmm…



She looked like Katy Perry in this, very sexy body, love the face, love the chin up, stunning!


” What’s her worst shot from the entire cycle? “


I think this is her worst shot, her face looks dead. Wierd hands

So here’s what i think about her, she’s not my favorite, but i don’t hate her either. Lets just see the real her on the show, This Summer..


One thought on “What I Think About Alex : ANTM Cycle 20

  1. Just like Destiny from cycle 19, Alexandra is just SOOOOOOOOOOO underrated, even by you! I think she is the 3rd best girl this cycle, behind Jourdan & Nina, but really, who could compete against them?
    My ranking of her photos, I will be doing this for all contestants, I won’t include the role reversal.

    1. GUESS
    2. Animorph
    3. Trailer Park
    4. Fields of Fashion
    5. Rice Paddy
    6. Nails
    7. Bats
    8. Wedding
    9. Sexy Fierce
    10. Flawsome
    11. Paint

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