What I Think About Chris H. : ANTM 20

Chris H. , mm first of all he’s very good looking, he has that Rick Malambri ( Step Up 3D ) vibe

When i first saw him, umm,,, i’m not really sure. With the brown hair, and kinda Bad-Ass-ish casting picture


BUT!! After they bleached his hair, he came alive


Then, he became a strong competition for the other guys, for me, He’s the best guy from the bunch! ( close runner-up is Jeremy )

He produce some amazing shots, always FULL FIERCE , HE’S THE TOTAL PACKAGE

He’s kinda that cool guy that you wanna hang out with. He seems really nice

He became one of my favorite


” What’s his best shot from the entire cycle? “ Hmm…

It’s kinda hard to choose because he produce a lot of amazing pictures, but i choose this


I mean, just look at his face. PERFECTION! And that gap tooth kinda suits him. He’s like the male version of Leila Golkuhl ( Cycle 19 ) with it.


” What’s his worst shot from the entire cycle? “


This is teribble. The face looks sad, no body language, the makeup is just too much.


But i totally love him, and i think he could win because he has “IT”

Anyway, follow his twitter @Iam_ChrisH


2 thoughts on “What I Think About Chris H. : ANTM 20

  1. I can do better than Chris in his animal shoot. his animal shoot is pretty boring and ruin everything about his fierceness. I think so, this shoot is his worst.

    he did a lot modelling before joining ANTM, even he’s former NYC Model Management.

    And i think so his flawsome is flawless. I can see Leila Goldkuhl too, I wanna buy everything he wears in the shoot. And also his rice paddy, soooo freaking awesome :))

    • I know right? He’s the male Leila. I do agree with his animal shoot, i think he could be in trouble. His post-ANTM work is really really good. High fashion king right there!

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