What I Think About Don : ANTM 20

Don. Hmm.. first of all he’s very handsome, great body, the tattoos are interesting. I prefer him with no tattoos, not all Agency will hire a guy with tattoos all over his body.

He looked too Urban for me, but he has a beautiful eyes.

They made him a blonde, which i think is kinda nice, well it’s platinum actually. But with that hair and those moustache, it looks kinda wierd.


I’m not a huge fan of him, his photos has been really really boring, but he did good in some photos.


” What’s his best photo in the entire cycle? “


This photo is sooooo SICK!! It’s fierce, amazing!


” What’s his worst photo in the entire cycle? “


I think this is it. His body is flat, his face is flat too! His body looks wwaaaayyyy too relaxed. He doesn’t even try!


yea that’s what i think about him, i could only say this much cuz the show hasn’t aired yet

Follow his twitter @ItsDonBenjamin


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