What I Think About Jeremy : ANTM 20

Okay. First of all Jeremy is fricikin’ Gorgeous . He’s soo handsome, hot body, and a really really sweet personality. He even reply to one of my tweet ( lol ) #starstrucked

Y’all don’t believe me? lol. You could watch his plea videos

He’s super humble and very nice. I’d like to hang out with him lol.

He got lighter hair for his makeover, almost blonde ( i think )

He never model before ( according to his 1st plea video ) , but he did really good this cycle


” What’s his best photo in the entire cycle? “


THIS is HOT!! Sexy fierce face, great body, he looked relaxed but not too relaxed, awesome!! I would buy everything he’s selling


” What’s his worst photo in the entire cycle? “


He looked super weak here, we can’t really see his body, Phil and Alessandra outshined him.


I absolutely love him, he’s my absolute favorite this cycle ( along with the other )

I just can’t wait to watch him on the show #ANTM20

Follow his twitter @RohmDawgg and his instagram jeremyrohmer


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