What I Think About Jiana : ANTM 20

Jiana Davis. She’s absolutely stunning, fabulous face, strong bone structure, great body and personality. She’s the total package

Jiana really impressed me in the beggining of the competition, she produce some amazing pictures, but she didn’t do so good at the end.

In her plea video, she said that “ I’m wierd and eccentric. ” , i didn’t see a wierdness in her AT ALL, what i see is Fabulous-ness 😀

I think she’s very outgoing, and friendly, y’all could see all of that here

Here’s some of her work before she came to top model



jianaa CydPYVL

She get shorter hair, which i think is good, cuz it brings out her Edgy-ness more, not just some sexy gal.

” What’s her best photo in the entire cycle? “


THIS! is crazy, in a good way. Intense eyes, awesome body position. Great interaction with Chris H. , and most importantly, she’s selling the clothes. LOVE IT!!

” What’s her worst photo in the entire cycle? “


THIS! is weak. Disconnected face and body. She looked surprised and just not great. Dissapointing. SABOTAGE

Overall i love her, she’s one of my favorite

Follow her twitter @Jiana_Davis


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