What I Think About Jourdan : ANTM 20

Okay, seriously Jourdan is drop dead gorgeoussss, just look at her casting picture


OMG her eyes are soo piercing and beautiful, she’s the prettiest girl in the competition


She’s so model-esqe, she has done a lot of photoshoots before she came to top model. Here are some of her work

See what i’m talking about? She’s a professional already, y’all could see her work at google.


She’s a really sweet gal, but i’m worried she’s gonna get a comment about ” No personality “ , check this out

Yea i gotta admit she’s kinda flat here.


Umm i was kinda worried, that’s she gonna be just like Kristin ( Cycle 19 ), she got a lot ( I mean A LOT ) of votes, but when the show comes out, everyone finally know her true colour.

I hope she’s not like Kristin


For her makeover, she got blonde hair. Meh! I prefer Jourdan with brown hair, she’s more edgy. But with blonde she kinda look like some girl next door, but i don’t know. She’s still gorgeous šŸ˜‰ And she work her pictures out.

ImageĀ < blondie Jourdan


” What’s her best photo in the entire cycle? “

She did awesome this cycle, so it’s kinda hard to choose, but in the end i choose


This is breathtaking. I mean her eyes, her face, her body is perfect! And she worked that paint , it almost looks like a dress!


” What’s her worst photo in the entire cycle? “


This is A HOT MESS. Her face is just all wrong , she looked like ” Eww i was trapped in the jungle and this monkey messed my hair up.”Ā , she looked like some lost tourist. Horibble!


Overall she’s amazing, one of the best girl, she’s a tough competition for the others.

Follow her twitter and her instagram @lovejourdanĀ 


2 thoughts on “What I Think About Jourdan : ANTM 20

  1. She is pretty, but you were wrong about her being “flat” and having no personality. In fact, she has a horrible, self-centered personality and she is full of negativity. Pretty on the outside and ugly on the inside. Of course, she will never change, she will blame her personality on “editing” on ANTM and say to herself that everyone is “jealous.” We aren’t jealous of you honey, you are ugly and no one wants that!

    • I don’t think she’s bitchy at all. She’s pretty much missunderstood just like Chris. And everyone hated her simply because she’s the biggest competition in the house.

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