American Idol Season 12 : Top 5 Perform

So 5 girls. Finally! After 6 years, a gal gonna win #pow

So the first round theme is  The songs from the contestants birth year , here’s my ranks and my opinion bout them

5.Angie Miller – I’ll Stand By You

I know. You guys probably asking ” Why do you put her at the bottom? ” “You’re crazy” etc. I just found her performance to be flat. I think she could do more with it, she didn’t hit a lot of high notes, which all of us know she could. I think she should just sing like her ” I Was Here “ performance. Not my favorite


4. Janelle Arthur – When I Call Your Name

I think this is beautiful!  She kept it simple, i love that she’s back with her guitar this time. she fits her guitar. I think this was a solid performance.


3. Candice Glover – Straight Up

Her vocal is unbelieveable, i love she switch it up this time doing jazz. She could sing anything. But i agree with what Jimmy said , that this song wasn’t strong enough for Candice’s vocal. But i like it


2. Kree Harrison – She Talks To Angels

She did incredible. She kept being Kree #Kreedom.


1. Amber Holcomb – Without You

This is insanely briliant! She sounds awesome, looked amazing. She hits high notes so effortlessly. Crazy amazing!


PS. : Finally Nicki and Mariah talked and looked at each other. Yay 😀


So the second round , the theme is ” Diva “

5. Janelle Arthur – Dumb Blonde

First of all she’s not a dumb blonde (lol!) . Back to the performance, it’s just not great. She’s having fun, but the most important thing is her vocal. I don’t think the song fully fits her. So yeah, she could be in trouble.


4. Kree Harrison – Have You Ever Been In Love

From here, everyone did awesome. So does Kree. her performance was great, she did Celine Dion justice. But she’s not at the top of my list. But she did great.


3. Amber Holcomb – What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your 

This is amazing. Yea i gotta agree with Nicki , that she didn’t get the credit for everything she has done. She never deserve to be in the bottom. She did Barbra justice. She SHOULD be safe.


2. Angie Miller – Halo

This is breathtaking. This could be one of the best performance she has done. She’s very passionate and she didn’t over sing it. Right amount of emotion, crazy high notes, amazing!


1. Candice Glover – When You Believe

Another Mariah Carey’s song. She was really brave singing this song in front of the person who actually sang it. This is perfection! What can i say more?


yea so that’s what i think about last night show. From what i see , Janelle could be in trouble

#NoHate here 🙂


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