What I Think About Mike : ANTM 20

Mike, the ice cream guy. He’s very good-looking, 6’5” ,  he’s very tall. But, 27 years old, it’s a little too old to be a model, but if you’re an amazing model, age doesn’t matter.

He has a great personality and attitude, very happy and cheerful. he seems like a very nice guy

Yea, great attitude, but i don’t see a model in him. He just looked like some random guy on the street. Tyra actually found Mike when he’s working in his food truck. Lucky guy lol


I think, he’s the worst male model this cycle. His portfolio had been super weak. just a pretty face not gonna cut it.

Here’s some of his pre-show photos



” What’s his best photo in the entire cycle? “


This is HIS ONLY GOOD SHOT in my opinion! I love the eyes, looks very sexy. I wish i could see his legs, but it’s a good shot.


” What’s his worst photo in the entire cycle?


He didn’t sign to be in the petite cycle right? Cuz he looked super super short! He looked like a little person. Horibble!


Yea not a huge fan of him at all

Follow him on twitter @mikescocozza


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