What I Think About Nina : ANTM 20

Nina Burns = Allison Harvard + Sophie Sumner + Kayla Ferrel

She’s high fashun’ 😀 . Bigg Blue eyes. I absolutely thinks that people gonna compare Nina to Allison cuz they’re so look-a like

But she has proved to everyone that she’s not just look a like, she’s Allison #2 lol XD

She’s really sweet , little crazy. But i just love her personality


Here’s some of her pre-show works



She’s amazeballs! Those eyes Those eyes Those eyes. 


Someone made this, lol love this

For her makeover, she got a red hair with bangs. I absolutely love it. To me, she looked better in red better than blonde. In blonde, we did not get to see her features.




” What’s her best photo in the entire cycle? “


Absolutely amazing! Those dreamy eyes, the dress, the hands. Nina the mermaid!’


” What’s her worst photo in the entire cycle? “


I don’t like this photo of her. She looks uncomfortable and stiff. The hand just looked awkward. Not good.


Personally she’s one of my favorites, i think she’ll go really far ( or maybe win )

Follow her on twitter @ninajaybee


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