What I Think About Phil : ANTM 20

Phil is gorgeous. I love his eyes. But i don’t see him being a high fashion model. His beard, he better shave it off. He seriously looked like some homeless guy in his plea video

Yea he looked like some homeless guy

But he took some amazing shots BEFORE he came to top model. Here’s sum

004 R1oL6-TrHdo tumblr_mfgrkr6nTM1qg22hlo1_1280 261okt3

He give me some Johnny Wujek vibe ( if he shave his beard ) 

For his makeover. Tyra give her some crap weave, that weave make him looked like ” The Sexy Version of Jesus ” , he seriously looked like Jesus lol XD



” What’s his best picture in the entire cycle? “


He barely took good pictures, but this one is his best! Fierce eyes, great intesesity. But yeah, his body’s very stiff.


” What’s his worst photo in the entire cycle? “


Channeling his inner Jesus, but horibble legs. OMG this is kinda gross. Another Johnny Wujek’s face XD

Yea he’s not consistent at all. I think it’s cuz his crappy makeover

It’s wierd cuz he took amazing shots before he joined the show


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