American Idol Season 12 : The Result ( SPOILER ALERT )

The result has been revealed, and there’s a HUGE twist. Check what it is , below

First of all, the 4 girls sang Alicia Key’s “Girl On Fire” , it was good, but it’s not my favorite group number.


Next, they showed some footage, the first is about how the top 4’s week has been very very busy


Next it when the top 4 visited LA Children’s Hospital

It was really nice that they visited the kids. Plus Angie sang her original song! AWWWW!!! 


Then, this hilarious footage5 Things In 20 Second

This is soo funny lol


Next is the highlight of the night ( for me ) , Season 10 the most adorable and amazing ( for me lol ) Stefano Langone is back !!!! Absolutely love him. My favs for all time! 


Season 9’s Lee DeWyze sings his new single ” Silver Lining “

I really like the song,


Wanna know what’s the huge twist is? Watch this video 😀


Really like this week episodes, and can’t wait for next week 😀

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