American Idol Season 12 : Top 4 Perform

Hola guys. Sorry for the late blog, cuz my friend borrowed my laptop. Yea. Anyway, Actually i miss the beggining of the show #DamnIt! and i didn’t know what the first theme was.

Yea here’s my ranks

4. Kree Harrison – It Hurt So Bad

I don’t think this is her best performance. I mean’ it was good, but it wasn’t enough to win the night. At this point of the competition, you should NOT do bad.


3. Candice Glover – Find Your Love

Really like this performance of her. Yea she’s not doing a power ballad, but she slayed it. Unbelieveable vocal. Great performance.


2. Amber Holcomb – Power Of Love

This was so close. She did flawless ! Those high notes and every runs were perfect. Curly hair huh? Meh lol


1. Angie Miller – Who You Are

Crazy amazing! She’s back to her root. Singing Jessie J’s song in a piano. Absolutely love it. I mean what can i say? WOW


On the half way the also did a duet…

2. Kree Harrison and Amber Holcomb – Rumour Has It

This is okay. The song was not strong enough for both of the. Kree sounds weak here. Amber sounds good.


1. Angie Miller and Candice Glover – Stay

This was spectacular!! Both of the work this! Divas time!


And the second round theme is “One Hit Wonder” , and here’s what i think about their performances.


4. Amber Holcomb – MacArthur Park

I didn’t like this performance of her. I don’t think it’s the right song for her! Yea the last note was very impressive, but overall it’s weak


3. Kree Harrison – A Whiter Shade of Pale

Now this is KREE! #Kreedom is back. Right song choice for her, very nice vocal. She sang it beautifully..


2. Candice Glover – Emotion

This was classy, but not cheesy! Very nice song for her voice. She looks stunning. Awesome performance.


1. Angie Miller – Cry Me A River

Once again Angie killed it. She totally won the night. Amazing fashion dahling! Very classy, Stellar!


Yea that’s what i think about their performances 🙂 #NoHate


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