American Idol Season 12 : Top 4 Perform ( Again )

The top 4 , once again performed this week.

The first round theme , is all about Music from 2013 , so it’s all about the current songs. And i was excited. Finally! songs that i know. Usually Idol did songs from years ago,

Here’s what i think about their performances

4. Angie Miller – Diamonds

Don’t like this performance of her. Yea she hits the high notes effortlessly, but the song didn’t reach to her full potential. Weak weak weak.


3. Amber Holcomb – Just Give Me A Reason

This is also weak! Bad song choice. She doesn’t fit this kinda song. Dang it Amber why did u do this?


2. Kree Harrison – See You Again

This is FABULOUS! This is original #KREEdom, the judges should gave her a standing ovation on this,!


1. Candice Glover – When I Was Your Man

Amazing vocal, raw emotion. Not oversing it, crazy amazing! Front runner!!


The second round theme is all about  The Standard , here’s what i think bout their performances

4. Kree Harrison – Stormy Weather

It was good. But not as good as her first performance, which is amazing. But great vocal and she looked very elegant and stunning.


3. Angie Miller – Someone To Watch Over Me

Love this performance. But not her best


2. Candice Glover – You’ve Changed

Hoocha amazeballs! She made Mariah stood up first, she got sumtin’!!


1. Amber Holcomb – My Funny Valentine

Her performance in Vages was one of my favorite. It was real and awesome. And she did it again . Absolutely amazing vocal, perfect pitch and runs and everything. What can i say?


They also did a group number

Yea so that’s what i thought bout last night performance 🙂


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