American Idol Season 2 : Final 3 Perform

Final 3 y’all !!! Soo excited for this week, hometown coming, and stuff. Awesome performances. So this week, the contestants did not get a chance to pick their own song. Instead, Jimmy, the judges picked their songs.

So here’s my first round ranks

3. Kree Harrison – Perfect

I think the beggining was flawless, but she get to the middle and it wasn’t as good as the beggining. If i was Jimmy, i wouldn’t pick this song for her. She should go with Taylor Swift’s song or sumthin.


2. Candice Glover – One

She did awesome as always


1. Angie Miller – Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

Absolutely stellar, she did it like a pro, and she looks stunning. Yea she didn’t play the piano this time but she still rocked it,


Here’s da 2nd round 🙂 All three of them did awesome this round, so it’s neck and neck


3. Angie Miller – Try

Like i sais all of them are neck and neck, she did awesome. Agree with Keith and Nicki, she felt so comfortable doing this, and doing an upbeat song, which she didn’t do a lot. So great job.


2. Candice Glover – Next To Me

Love it. So much passion and she did awesome while she was very emotional watching her homecoming video. Absolutely love it. Yo go Candice!!


1. Kree Harrison – Here Comes Goodbye

She lookes absolutely gorgeous dahling’ , and the emotion that came through is just,, amazing and vulnerable. Amazin #Kreedom


Oh yea i almost forgot , about the homecoming videos. Here’s it

Feelin’ so emotional watching all of this. Angie’s full of happiness, Kree’s full of emotion, and Candice’s is the mixture of both


3rd round y’all

3. Kree Harrison – Better Dig Two

Ugh god bad song for her. I don’t know if they tried to sabotage her. Yea but she was giving all she got


2. Angie Miller – Maybe

She’s back on the piano! And she did another stellar job. The stage looked absolutely lovely. But there’s another person that did better than her,


1. Candice Glover – Somewhere

Go to your doctor if you didn’t vote for her. Lol funny Kieth


Soo that’s what i though bout last night performance. Gonna be a brutal last cut.

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