American Idol Season 12 : Final 2 Revealed ( SPOILER ALERT )

After months and months of searching, we finally get to this point. Finale next week. And this week we know who the finalist are. Check what it think bout it below

First of all, The 3 finalist did a group number to Selena Gomez’s “Who Says”

Ugh something is wrong with the audio. Suckss!! Well they did really good in the middle, but the beggining was bad.


This week guest was Season 10’s Lauren Alaina. She performed her new song “Barefoot and Buckwild”

Never been a huge fan of her, but i like this performance. And she grew so much since her season. She looked super pretty. Love her pink stripes in her hair.


Next The fabulous Alicia Keys performed her song Tears Always Win”

She’s so amazing.


They also showed this footage about the past winners

Super inspiring


They also showed Adam Lambert journey after Idol was over


And finally the moment of truth…

Y’all better had already watch the show so you wouldn’t be spoiler














This is the worst and saddest elimination ever!! I can’t even look at her face, she was all teared up, and i almost cried!

But she’ll have a huge carrer, there’s no doubt !! #Dreamers

That’s ll i got to say. Totally love that Candice went to the finale. But pissed off that Angie went home


PS: Angie also did this interview for Ryan Seacrest


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