My American Idol 10 Favorite Performances

Hey y’all, so the finale is next week. We’ll be crowning our next american idol, so i was thinking about doing my top 10 favorite performances. I’ll post the first 5, then tommorow i’ll post the other 5.

So here it is..

10. Burnell Taylor – Ready For Love

This guy definetly made Louisiana proud. This was his Top 10 Victory Song. This performance blew me away. The vocal is A++ , the rasp.. damn i love it. He deserves his spot in my top 10 performances.


9. Kree Harrison – Up The Mountain

This is my favorite performance of her. Totally amazing. She did this in Vegas and she slayed it. Country powerhouse right here.!!


8. Janelle Arthur – You Keep Me Hangin’ On

This country gal deserves he spot right here with this performance. Absolute brilliance!! She made it her own. Totally different from the original version. This was her best performance in this season of Idol!! Goo Janelle!!


7. Candice Glover – When You Believe

She sings from her heart and full of passion. It’s very daring to perform Mariah‘s song in front of her. But she totally crushed it. It almost looked like she was the original singer.Amazing!!


6. Angie Miller – Never Gone

This performance has reach more than 1.000.000 views on Youtube. That’s huge! This performance secured her spot in the top 10. And she totally deserved it! Crazy vocal. Another piano madness by Angie!


So that’s my first 5 favorite performance. I’ll post the other 5 soon 🙂

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