American Idol Season 12 : Finale

Finale week y’all!! Soo excited and can’t to find out which gal gonna win

As always, The finalist sings 3 times. The first round was Simon Fuller’s pick, the creator of American Idol . Here’s what i think about Kree and Candice’s performance :

2. Kree Harrison – Angel

This performance is simple, delicate and stunning. She did this flawlessly. Very nice


1. Candice Glover – Chasing Pavements

Amazing !! Great song choice for her, Yay Simon! Very R&B , Amazeballs!

***For the first round, in my opinion, Candice won the round


Second round , it’s about the finalist Soon-to-be-released single

2. Kree Harrison – All Cried Out

I loveeee the song! And she slayed it out! She hit the high notes fantastically , Props to the song writer!


1. Candice Glover – I Am Beautiful

She Is Beautiful. That’s it. Lol

***Candice won the round again


Oh yea also Carly Rae Jepsen performed her new single ” I Take A Picture “

I still can’t believe that she was invited to the Finale! She’s a great pop singer, but they should picked someone else. She’s not lip-syncing right? Not a huge fan


The final round , The finalist favorite performance of the season

2. Kree Harrison – Up The Mountain

I knew she gonna do this. Her performance made it to my 10 Favorite Performances Genious!! Absolutely crazy stunning! She gave Candice a true competition.


1. Candice Glover – I Who Have Nothing

What in the hell did i just saw?? A STAR WAS BORN, She did (in my opinion) best performance of the season at her top 10 performance, and she did again. Absolutely love that she did the beggining with no music. FABULOUS!!

***Obviously Candice won this round!


Can’t wait to see who’s the winner #Candygirl #Kreedom #idolfinale 🙂

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