The Winner , Of American Idol Season 12 , Is…. ( SPOILER ALERT )

The new Idol winner had just been crown. See what i think about it below

Okay so i was so excited for the finale. And first of all, The top 10 do a group number , The Wanted’s “Glad You Came”

It was good. I wish they do a medley with “Some Nights” or “We Are Young” , but this is good.


Next, country band The Band Perry and my baby country marshmallow Janelle Arthur  did a duet to “Done”

I think this is incredible!! They both should do a duet someday. Janelle’s rocking it and didn’t let The Band Perry outshined her. Way to go Janelle


Okay watch this. The guys weren’t excatly happy for the girls . This is hilarious!


Well the guys should be happy, ’cause they got the chance to sing with Frankie Vallie


Multi-platinum diva, our own Mariah Carey took the stage, singing some of her most succesful songs. Including her newest one , #BEAUTIFUL

She’s incredible. Some people said that she was lip-syncing or stuff, but i didn’t really care. #POW Mariah!


Next our very own Amber Holcomb is back, singing Emeli Sande’s hit song Next To Me

This is OK. Just wasn’t amazing. Amber was outshined by Emeli, and she didn’t even sang on the chorus. Meh!


This one is so OMG! Can’t even expect PSY would showed up on Idol, it was great , Really enjoyed it,


Keith Urban steped on the stage singing his new single “Little Bit Of Everything”

This is sooo good! Loved it! He didn’t hit all of that high notes , like Candice or other people did, but he just stayed true to himself, and that’s impressive. Yo Keith!


Angie did a 2 duet, first was with Season 8’s Adam Lambert and the second is her own idol Jessie J


Finalist, Candice Glover teamed up with Oscar Winner Jennifer Hudson

This is Freaking Incredible!! They’re Insane! #POW


This is hilarious. The contestant talks about the judges . So Lol


JLo. is back!! 

She’s just perfect! #1 . The way she commands the stage and sings and dance is just A++


Check this out. The memory lane of Season 12. Long and hard road.

At the end of that road, there were left 2 amazing woman. Kree Harrison and Candice Glover.

And, the moment of truth. The Winner American Idol Season 12, is………


Congrats Candice! You definely deserves it! Your hardwork and persistence inspired us all. You Are Beautiful. Keep being yourself. We love you 🙂 #idolfinale #CandiceWins #POW #1

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