My Top 10 Favorite Glee Season 4 Performances

Hola y’all. So instead of just waiting for America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 airing this August, or waiting until next year for American Idol , i’m gonna do a Glee blog. First it’s all about my favorite performances! 😀

It’s hard narrowing it up to 10, but this is my list :

Starting with

10. “Tell Him” by Brittany and Marley , from “Sadie Hawkins”

I didn’t know this song, but when this two performed it, i loved it. Brittany’s dancing!! I love her, and Marley sounds amazing. Well both of the sounds amazing. Love the whole arrangement and dress.


9. “Next To Me” by Rachel and Shelby , from “Sweet Dreams”

Woocha gurl Shelby‘s back !! Well she gave great advice for Rachel , to not sing Barbra’s song at her audition, and BOOM! This comes out! Absolutely love the song and their singing.


8. “Don’t Stop Believeng” by Rachel, Finn, Mercedes, Kurt, Tina and Artie , from “Sweet Dreams”

Everyone know that THIS was iconic in Season 1, so glad that they did this again. Brings back old memories. This version is as good as the Season 1’s. ICONIC!


7. “Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself” by Jake Puckerman , from “Naked”

Jake is my favorite new character this season. Alongside Marley. This performance is epic, vulnerable, sweet, everything. He’s an amazing singer and i think he should get more solos. Plus, Kitty’s expression is killing me XD


6. “Shout” by New Direction , from “Girls (And Boys) on Film”

Love this! Escpecially BrittBritt on this. Amazing dances, singing. Gay Blaine ( lol ) + Britt = Fabulousness!


5. “Clarity” by Frida Romero , from “All or Nothing”

I seriously can’t believe the Hossierdaddies lost. They performed incrediblely! This performance is stunning. The black dancer girl is unbelieveable, Jessica Sanchez is working it!


4. “Cold Hearted” by Santana Lopez , from “Feud”

This is not cold. It’s HOT!!! 


3. “Girl on Fire” by Santana Lopez , from “Diva”

Sandbags took the 3rd spot with THIS. THIS performace made it huge on Youtube. About 6 millions views already! As always she killed it with her amazing voice. But there’s some vulnerabitily i hear here. Kurt and Rachel’s faces was hilarious anyway 😀


2. “I Still Believe / Superbass” by Blaine and Sue , from “Feud”

This performance was  totally EPIC!!! We did not get the chance to hear Sue singing a lot, so this is rare, and she’s rapping! OMG!! She blew Blaine off here.


1. “Wings” by Frida Romero , from “All or Nothing”

This performance proved to me, and to all the Gleeks, that Jessica should stay for Season 5. Everyone loves her. And this performances is just.,.. Ugh God amazing! She got this song stucked in my head the whole time!


Honorable Mention”

#Extra : “Some Nights” by New Direction , from “Dynamic Duets”


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