My Top 5 “Least Favorite” Glee Season 4 Performances

I just mad my list about my favorite performances, now lets talk about my least favorite performances. This is my list, so if you have yours , just post it in the comment 🙂

5. “Celebrity Skin” by Brittany and Sam (Bram) , from “Makeover”

Don’t like this at all! The song didn’t really fits the situation for me. Just meh!

But Sam’s abs were Woof! X3


4. “A Change Would Do You Good” by Brody and Rachel , from “Makeover”

This song is okay. And they performed it.. Okay. It’s not amazing. Yea it’s a good debut for Brody but this did not impressed me. But both of them are very cute


3. “I Love It” by New Direction ( Girls ) , from “All Or Nothing”

Okay, wasn’t the theme of the regional is “Dreams” ? And how could they come out with this? This song has nothing to do with dreams. It’s all about car exploding and “I Don’t Care” ! The only good thing is Sugar’s “Don’t Care” Attitude.


2. “Copacobana” by Sam Evans , from “Guilty Pleasures”

This is wierd. Wasn’t Sam supposed to sing Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” ?

See it here 0:10 

Anyway, this is bad!


1. “Jukebox Hero” by Ryder and Finn , from “The Role You Were Born To Play”

I can’t find the video. Maybe that showed how HORIBBLE this is. Hate it!! Bad song and wierd. Just UGH!


So that’s my list. This is just my opinion and NOT A HATE,


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