My 20 Favorite Photos on ANTM ( Cycle 10 – Cycle 19 )

So maybe y’all noticed that i haven’t post a lot of things, especially about ANTM , so i’m doing an ANTM blog now #yay

Instead of doing cycle 20’s blog, i think it will be interesting to make a blog about previous cycles. Now , i’m going to post my Favorite Photos, from cycle 10 to cycle 19 

##Why cycle 10 to cycle 19 : Because i started watching ANTM from cycle 10, so i didn’t know a lot about cycle 1 to 9.

Here We Go

20. Anya ( Cycle 10 ) – Paparazzi Diva

This picture looks High Fashion, simple yet stunning. She looks effortless and relax. This gal was robbed BIG TIME!


19. Laura ( Cycle 18 ) – Silkworms

Oh this girl , putting sex in almost all of her photos, including this photo. She’s kinda nuts, but this picture was flawless! Beautiful broken-doll pose, that neck! , the shoulder, Perfect!


18. Lauren Brie ( Cycle 11 ) – Swimsuits

Okay this girl is one of the best models on this show, EVER! And this picture is flawless, soft face, her body looks great, and those eyes! Damn


17. Katarzyna ( Cycle 10 ) – Music Genres

OMG this girl is one of my favorite of all time. She has that european look , that makes her stands out. In this photoshoot, she got Punk. Seriously, this picture is stunning! ATTITUDE!


16. Rae ( Cycle 13 ) – Childhood Photo

This pettite model hit my list with this fabulous photo. The lighting, the dress, the hair, the makeup, the shoes. Perfection.


15. Jacyln ( Cycle 16 ) – Crazy For …..

This southern sweetheart is fabulous fabulous fabulous! Her personality is soooo Adorable. And she took this picture. Gurlll. She’s crazy for makeup. She struggled to model with her baby face, but gurl those eyes are piercing!


14. Lauren Brie ( Cycle 11 ) – Fierce eyes in water


Those eyes those eyes those eyes!


13. Nicole ( Cycle 13 ) – Biracial Hapas

Another pettite model on my list, She potrayed half Madagascar and half Japanesse. This picture is GORGEous! The hands and the eyes,, beautiful


12. Alexandria ( Cycle 16 ) – Garbage Couture

Even though i HATE this girl, i have to admit , this picture is gorgeous. This is high fashion, fierce eyes, great body, the dress looks good. She definetly deserve to get best photo for this.


11. Ann ( Cycle 15 ) – Fallen Angel

This awkward, super tall , small waist, not so big personality girl , took AMAZING pictures back-to-back. This is one of my favorites from her. She potrayed Longing, those legs, for a girl who never work with a male model before, she did a great job.


10. Laura ( Cycle 18 ) – Harnessed on the Macau Tower

Okay first of all, how could she be so calm on that height?? Look at her face, effortless and relax, If i were on that tower, i’ll be fricking out lol


9. Molly ( Cycle 16 ) – Love story in Marrakech beach

Oh my God Mo stop being so fabulous. She kicked ass in her photoshoot, definetly telling the story. She looks tall and lean, and that dress is fabulous dahling!


8. Raina ( Cycle 14 ) – Perfume Beauty Shot

Wolf eyes! Those eyes are piercing , they are killing me! She didn’t get bothered by the wind and the water at all, while the other girls struggled big time. Smashed it!


7. Marjorie ( Cycle 11 ) –  Red carpet and award show scenarios

This french awkward girl , worked her body in this photo. She potrayed “A Girl Who Want To Pee But Couldn’t Get Out of Her Gown” and she killed it.


6. Allison ( Cycle 12 ) – Cover Girl Ad

How could this girl not winning her cycle? And allstar cycle? Booooo…

Anyway, stunning , those eyes , OMG


5. Ann ( Cycle 15 ) – Underwater beauty shots

Ann hit my list again with this photo. She has that Eastern European look ( Just like Katarzyna) , The makeup work well on her, the skin looks great, fabulous!


4. Leila ( Cycle 19 ) – Waterfall Warrior

This HF gap-toothed girl took amazing photos, and this is one of them. Pointed toes, eyes to the light! This girl is ROBBED BIG TIME! Silly fan vote.


3. Fatima ( Cycle 10 ) – Fuerza Bruta on mylar

If You Can't Make It Here, You Can't Make It Anywhere


Now this is ART! Another girl who should won their cycle. Back to the photo, long neck , strong cheek bones, the fabrics looks great. Flawless!


2. Allison ( Cycle 12 ) – Exotic Birds



Allicat!! Alluring and fierce! This is one of the best pictures in her cycle , and in my list. She was robbed !! 


And number 1 ,,,,,,


1. Lauren Brie ( Cycle 11 ) – Hot Air Ballon



Quote to Tyra 

This is one of the best picture we ever had in this competition.



okay, that’s my list, what about yours?

If you have your own list, just post it on the Comment box below 🙂


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