My Favorite Models from ANTM Cycle 10 – Cycle 19

So yesterday i wrote about my Favorite Photos from ANTM , now i’m going to write about my favorite models , Cycle 10 to Cycle 19.

Here We Go…

1. Cycle 10 – Katarzyna Dolinska

I said this before, Katarzyna has that Eastern European look that fits the Fashion industry very well. She consistently took great pictures, impressing the judges with her strong face. But, she got cut on the top 5, making her placed 5th on her cycle.

After Top Model, she had appear at runways and fashion magazines and signed with Elite Model Management. But, i heard that she quit modeling to becoma a lawyer. Too bad , because she could really become the next Supermodel.


2. Cycle 11 – Lauren Brie Harding


This girl looks like an Alien, in a good way. Really bright eyes, blonde hair, tall and lean, she became my instant favorite the first time i watch her cycle. She’s high fashion, and she had proven to the judges she could take strong picture. Sadly, she got cut on the Top 8, and she placed 8th. Until now, me and a lot of people still arguing about her silly elimination. But anyway , she became very successfull in the fashion industry and signed with multiple agencies.


3. Cycle 12 – Allison Harvard

I mean, who doesn’t love this girl? Big doe eyes, she looks like a porcelain doll. Adorable personality yet very shy and awkward. But when she steped in front of the camera, she came alive. Producing amazing pictures through her cycle and almost become the winner. But she placed 2nd. Then she was brought back by Tyra to the Allstar Cycle , yet she still placed 2nd. Fans are going crazy about her 2nd losing. But apart from that, she did very very well in the industry. She even has her own parfume called “Impalpable” and she owned a clothing line.


4. Cycle 13 – Brittany Markert

I had a hard choice to choose my favorite on this cycle. There are Nicole , Rae and Laura, but ultimately i chose Brittany. This pettite 5’5” girl did stunningly on her cycle , becoming a strong competitor. At first she was just a regular blondie, but when makover arrived, she became this brunnette goddess. But she placed 6th on her cycle. After top model, she signed with multiple agencies and appeared in Harper’s Bazaar,


5. Cycle 14 – Angelea Preston

Maybe this girl gonna be the most controversial in this list, but i absolutely love her. She’s one of my favorites of all time! This Classy-Ghetto-Fabulous has the personality, the look and the persistence. She keep impressing the judges with her BIG personality and great portofolio. And she placed 3rd, So close! Then she was brought back by Tyra on the AllStar Cycle, and she still placed 3rd. Actually, she was disqualified by some unknown reason. Rumour has it, that she spolied her winning on her facebook page. Then the price was given to Lisa ( BOOOOOO!!! ) , posibbly the worst winner ever. But she never change after that, she still that girl with huge personality.

After Top Model, she persued modeling and singing. She also got married and had her baby son. Sadly, she was divorce because her husband cheated on her. Poor girl , and screw that man!


6. Cycle 15 – Ann Ward

THIS girl! is possibly my favorite winner of all time. She’s this shy, nerd, quiet, super tall and super thin who looks stunning in all of the photos. She has that European vibe , yet very vulnerable. She used to got bullied for her height and her skinny body. But week after week she finally becoming more socialable , making jokes witht he other girls. She made a record, in the history of Top Model, the first model who got 5 best photos back to back from the beggining of the show. She suprised everyone with her strong face and posing. And finally she became the winner.

After Top Model, she signed with IMG Models as her prize for her winning. She also appeared in several high fashion magazines including Vogue Italia and Velvet. But she struggled a lot because of her height, not all designers would booked her because she’s 6 foot tall. But she became pretty successfull.


7. Cycle 16 – Brittani Kline

She has this edgy high fashion look in her. With that edgy bob hair, she came strong in her cycle. She produced stunning shots and blew the judges away with her strong eye contact. But, through the middle of her cycle, she had a big meltdown during the panel, causing her landed in the bottom 2, and almost being sent home. But the other judges, excluding Tyra ,, gave her a second chance, and she didn’t blew it. She came out strong and became the winner. She appeared in Vogue and several magazines.

After her winning, she decided to continue her study. When she came back to the modeling industri, she signed with Paragon Model in Mexico.


8. Cycle 17 : Allstar – Laura Krikpatrick

This girl is soo adorable. Country southern cutie, that’s what she is. She was originally from cycle 13 and she was brought back by Tyra. She placed 2nd on Cycle 13 and 4th on Cycle 17. This girl is not just a pretty face, she had proven that she can do high fashion. On cycle 13, i didn’t see her as a big competitor , just because she looked very commercial and peagentyin her photos. She smiled a lot. But on Cycle 17, she was fierce! She brought high fashion, yet still commercial-ish. She always said ” My Grandma Wanda Sue made this dress! ” , she said it with a big smile on her face, that quote became her signature and that always cracked me up.


9. Cycle 18 : British Invasion – Sophie Sumner

The first ever British ANTM winner, and the first pink haired winner! She probably has one of the most likeable personality on the shoe, EVER! This adorable Oxford chick became a huge competitor since the show began. She won multiple best photos, and never been in the bottom 2.  She performed well on her Covergirl commerical, proving that she could do commercial and high fashion at the same time. She appeared on Vogue Italia as her prize , and has done a lot of campaign ans signed with NY LA Models.


10. Cycle 19 : College Edition – Leila Golkuhl

This girl is HIGH FASHION! Tall , beautiful gapped tooth girl, came strong from the beggining , and became a huge threat on her cycle. Sadly, she was eliminated on the 5th episode. Probably one of the most ridiculous eliminiation on the show. But she became the first comeback queen on the show, and proven to the judges , that she came back with a vengeance. But yet she placed 3th , instead of 2nd or even the winner. Yet the 2nd place goes to Kiara, one of the weakest model on that cycle.

But after Top Model, she became very very successful. Actually designers really like her look. She booked for Herve Leger campaign and signed with NEXT LA & Chic Models Australia


Soo that’s my list, that’s LONG lol.

Thanks for reading, like this, share this, and comment this 🙂


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