My Least Favorite Models On ANTM Cycle 10 to Cycle 19

So yesterday i just wrote about my favorite models, now i will write about my Least favorite models.

Here we go… ( This is not a Hate ,  just my opinion )

1. Cycle 10 – Allison Kuehn

She’s a MEAN MEAN MEAN MEAN MEAN girl!!! Seriously, this girl’s attitude , just NO. She’s pretty and has model potential, but , attitude girl. She fought Fatima for some silly reason, didn’t say thank you while she was complimented. Very disrespectful. Tyra and the judges did see her bad attitude, then she was eliminated. Good job Tyra!


2. Cycle 11 – Brittany “ShaRaun” Brown

She’s pretty. There’s a lot of pretty girl, but she doesn’t look like a model to me. That confidence, if she could use it for her modeling, she could go far. But, yea there’s not a lot from her. Overconfident.


3. Cycle 12 – Sandra Nyanchoka

Okay i’m so annoyeb by this girl , so just one word, ATTITUDE !


4. Cycle 13 – Bianca Richardson

Poor personality. She complains A LOT. Her makeup , her dress, her makeover , her hair, just annoyed the hell out of people. Very unprofessional, Just no,


5. Cycle 14 – Brenda Arens

Just like Bianca , she complains a lot. Crying about her makeover. She looked better this way , than that long wavy red hair. She also didn’t look very nice in her photos, yet she looked very very old. Just Meh!


6. Cycle 15 – Terra White

She’s very pretty, but professionalism , 0. She seriously moaning and complaining about her makeover. Actually it looks pretty good.  She was eliminated for her unprofessional attitude.


7.  Cycle 16 – NONE

I’d have to say none. All of them were good models. Alexandria deserve to be on this list, but she is such a great model. So None for cycle 16 🙂


8. Cycle 17 – Bianca Golden

She was the drama B-yatch on both of her cycle. Seriously an annoying girl, and her photos , well sometimes good, sometimes not so inspiring. No


9. Cycle 18 – Alisha White

I mean, she’s stunning, legs for days, tall and lean. BUT, she a QUITTER! She quitted on the top 5, then when she was brought back to do the final runway with the finalist ,  she said this : ” If i stayed in the competition , i know that i would be here at the final. ” So why did you quit????


10. Cycle 19 – Maria Tucker

A Harvard girl, master degree. This girl has the same case as Alisha , a Quitter. As a Harvard representasion, she seriously made a bad name for Harvard. Also she just threw one spot in the competition away. There’s thousands womans trying to get into the house, then you just threw it out?

Also, she has a bad attitude, never listen to the judges, including Kelly “Cutthroat” Cutrone , and she got a lot of trouble from it.


So that’s my list. This is not a hate page, but it’s just my opinion.


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