My Favorite Makeovers on ANTM Cycle 10 – Cycle 19

Hey y’all, i’m back with some more ANTM blog, and now i’m doing my favorite makeovers…

Here we go..

1. Cycle 10 – Fatima Siad

From curly orange-red hair to long chestnut brown weave. Stunning! Seriously one of the best makeover ever. The colour fits her skin colour perfectly. Gorgeous.


2. Cycle 11 – McKey Sullivan

From long red hair to short edgy black hair. The colour and the haircut fits her perfectly. Her face is strong, with that haircut , she looked even stronger! Not my favorite winner ever, but her makeover was amazing!


3. Cycle 12 – Allison Harvard

From short brown hair to long lucious blonde hair. Stunning stunning stunning! Those bright hair with those big doe eyes, MODEL!


4. Cycle 13 – Brittany Makert

From blonde hair to brown hair.  Fabulous! Those eyes were piercing with those hair. Definetly looked more modelesque!


5. Cycle 14 – Raina Hein


From blonde to brown lucious hair, Stunning face with stunning hair, Her eyebrows definetly suits her brown hair better, Piercing eyes!


6. Cycle 15 – Kayla Ferrel

From long curly blonde hair to shorter bob red hair. She’s an inspiration. She’s strong, and that hair definetly suits her personality. Young lesbian who had been through a lot in her childhood, bullied and rejected. She looked fabulous now!


7. Cycle 16 – Brittani Kline


From long brown hair to black short dutch boy. She looked edgier this way. More modelesque and FIERCE!


8. Cycle 17 – Angelea Preston


From long blonde with bangs to shorter brown hair. She looks Fantasticals, looks younger and more fabulous! FIERCE FINE FABULOUS


9. Cycle 18 – Laura LaFrate


From brown hair to platinum-red-blue hair. All-American-Hair. She looks like a model! Definetly better than that brown hair, kinda messy. Fierce!


10. Cycle 19 – Leila Goldkuhl


From brown hair to blonde hair. Well she looks good with any hair colour, but i’m loving this one. Just looks very light and pretty. She’s trying an ice-blonde hair right now, she still looked stunning.


So that’s my favorite makeover. What about you?

Post your list in the comment box below 🙂


One thought on “My Favorite Makeovers on ANTM Cycle 10 – Cycle 19

  1. Im glad Kayla hair made the Cut (NO PUN), It was really fun cutting and coloring it , originally the color was a lot more intense went sent a picture to Tyra and she had me darken it ups bit , It was really great leading the team of Hairstylists at Fred Segal Salon ,
    Im looking forward to doing it again soon , thanks for posting

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