My Least Favorite Makeovers on ANTM Cycle 10 – Cycle 19

My favorite makeovers

My least favorite makeover ,, here we go..

1. Cycle 10 – Dominique Reighard

From long lighter-brown hair to short brown hair. Not loving the haircut. She looked way better with long hair ( She looked like JLo. ) Also the colour. The colour! Too dark. Tyra didn’t love it either, then she lighten it up a little bit.


2. Cycle 11 – Elina Ivanova

From long black hair to curly red hair. Seriously Tyra? This is horibble. She looked way better before the makeover. Also it was too curly. If it wasn’t that curly, i kinda liked it. Yeah she broke down , and that was not her fault..


3. Cycle 12 – NONE

I like all of the Ty-overs .. so yeah ๐Ÿ™‚


4. Cycle 13 – Bianca Richardson

Bleached brows? Really? Just like what she said ” I looked like an alien! ”


5. Cycle 14 – NONE too ๐Ÿ™‚


6. Cycle 15 – Sara Blackamore

I actually love her hair ( from blonde to brown ) , but bleached brows?? Hate it!


7. Cycle 16 – Molly O’ Conellย 


From long blonde hair to ” a poddle? ” . This is seriously one of the worst makeovers of all time. Well they took the weave off , so basicly she didn’t get any makeover.

##Plus : This is hilarious!!




8. Cycle 17 – NONE

There’s not a lot of makeovers happening. So None


9. Cycle 18 – NONE

The “Shakeovers” were great. So none


10. Cycle 19 – Brittany Brown


From long lucious brown hair to short red hair. Hate it. Hideous! And she actually liked it? Yikes


So that’s my list, what about yourss ?? ๐Ÿ˜‰


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