Girls Who Should Have Won ANTM ( Cycle 10 – Cycle 19 )

Okay so i’ve been doing past cycle’s blog, and here’s another one. And it’s all about the eliminated girls who should have won top model. A lot of the winner ( for me ) didn’t really deserves it. Well ANTM Fans out there agreed with me too. Just some. So now i’m gonna list out the girls who should have won their cycle. THIS IS JUST MY OPINION 🙂1. Cycle 10 – Fatima Siad / Anya Kop


I mean , these 2 fabulous girls should have won. I understand that plus size models should be a winner anytime soon, but should it be Whitney?? She’s bitchy! She’s a good model, but not great! She’s been in the bottom for a couple of times, but Anya won 5 best photos!! Really Tyra? Great Cycle, High Fashion Photoshoot , Horibble Winner


2. Cycle 11 – Lauren Brie Harding 



This gal is high fashion! Alienesque look, bright eyes, she’s the total package, except the personality. Yeah her personality was bland. But great personality doesn’t always make a great model. They should be able to model too. And she’s an amazing model!! McKey was good , but Lauren Brie deserves it more!


3. Cycle 12 – Allison Harvard

Probably one of the greatest model in the entire competition, and the most memorable. She took amazing pictures in both of her cycles. But she became the runner up in both of her cycles. Yikes! Really Tyra? Teyona was great, but Allison was AMAZING!


4. Cycle 13 – Nicole Fox ( Winner )

She’s the winner, and i totally agree with Tyra’s decision. She’s wierd, in a good way. Wierd girls always did great on top model. And she won! She pretty much dominated her cycle. So great choice Tyra.


5. Cycle 14 – Raina Hein

Wolf-eyed-girl!! She’s the defenition of FIERCE ! Tall and Lean and YOUNG. While Krista is old ( 24 years old on the show ) Yea Krista did great in the end, but Raina deserves it so much more.


6. Cycle 15 – Ann Ward ( Winner )

She the winner, and i extremly happy when she won. She’s been through a lot. Kids calling her “Giant”  because she’s so tall, and super insecure and shy. But when she stepped in front of the camera, this supermodel came out. Totally deserves it!


7. Cycle 16 – Brittani Kline ( Winner )

She’s awesome!! Dramas with Alexandria, broke down, having a panick attack, Tyra didn’t even had faith on her. But she kept going, never gave up and she’s persistence. Deserves it!


8. Cycle 17 – Angelea Preston

The eliminated girl!! She was the real winner actually. So ,, screw Lisa! High Fashion-Classy Ghetto- Fierce Fine Fabulous


9. Cycle 18 – Sophie Sumner ( Winner )

Pink-haired winner! Yea a brits should won this special cycle. And the best brit was her. Impressed the judges so much, could do high fashion and couture. Fab!


10. Cycle 19 – Leila Goldkuhl

She was robbed BIG TIME. Definetly the best model on her cycle, and maybe one of the best models on the show ever. High fashion gapped tooth girl, dona very very amazingly on her cycle, despite being eliminated , she came back strong , and became the 2nd runner up. Really? Runner up ? Kiara? Really??


So that’s my list, what about yours 😉


4 thoughts on “Girls Who Should Have Won ANTM ( Cycle 10 – Cycle 19 )

  1. I totally agree with your choices except for Cycle 17. That should be Allison!
    As for Cycle 16, I like Molly more in terms of photos only but Britanni was not a bad choice.
    Cycle 10, I think Claire went to early. She looked so promising. Anya is my choice over Fatima though.
    As for cycle 19? Everything was wrong. Even the winner was wrong. If Leila won then ANTM would be in a much better place… I think.

    Keep up the good work in your blog! Hope you post the Cycle 20 photo shoots earlier than the episodes and give your opinion for each photo. That is worth blogging and could bring more traffic to your blog. Cheers! ^_^

    • Well with Allison, i want her to win cycle 12 , so at least another girl could win cycle 17.
      Molly and Brittani, i’ll be happy if either one of them win actually.
      Claire did go to early. She has so much potential.
      I know right?? Laura over Leila? And Kiara in 2nd place?
      So dissapointing.

      I posted cycle 20 photos already, just when the photos were posted, so you could just search that up 🙂
      Thank you for the kind words 🙂 xoxo

  2. In cycle 10- Change Anya for Katarzyna
    In cycle 16- I want Molly or Hannah
    In cycle 18- Laura
    In cycle 19- I love Leila and Nastasia, I think Laura should have won, she was the full package, Leila’s walk was bad, like, BAD, and yeah, the judges were up Kiara’s @$$, put Nastasia in the Final 3 instead of Kiara and it will be the best final 3 in Top Model History!!!!!!!!!!

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