My Favorite Look of Tyra on ANTM Cycle 10 – Cycle 19

Y’all know that Tyra always changes her hair every cycle of ANTM , and i loved them, but i loved some of them more than the other, and now i’m going to list it. Here we go.. 10. Cycle 19 – Brown with some Highlights

She looks so beautiful , as always, but i think this kinda hair looks kinda boring on her? I don’t know. She usually has this fantasticals looks, and in this cycle , it seemed like she didn’t try. But i don’t know. Correct me if i’m wrong 🙂

9. Cycle 10 – Long Light Brown Hair With Bangs

I’m loving her bangs, but for me it’s a little too long. I think she looked better in shorter hair. But love the bangs though

8. Cycle 11 – Short Brown with Highlights

Loving her with short hair, maybe she could do something different with the shape? Also she could looked a little older. But still beautiful.

7. Cycle 12 – Long Blonde with Curls

Loving her curls, yea definetly not straight up like her other cycles. Also i think the hair colour fits her really well. She looks gorgeous.

6. Cycle 18 – Ponytail

I love that she’s showing her fabulous cheekbones, and that flawless face.

5. Cycle 13 – Dark Brown Hair

She looked fabulous on the pettite cycle. Simple yet Stunning. Simply Stunning. I don’t know why i just loved it.

4. Cycle 15- Brown Curly

I love that Tyra tried something new. Yea definetly the most different of all of her looks. And she looks beautiful, and in this picture, she looks breathtaking. She’s modeling while she’s not.

3.  Cycle 14 – Bunheads ( is that the right way to say it )

Okay i already said that i loovee that Tyra was showing her face and her bonestructure more. And here, she did it again. Fabulous, yet very simple. Her hair didn’t change a lot here, but just the way she presented it, just flawless.

2. Cycle 17 – Brown Curly and Bangs 

I just love this looks on her. The short hair was dayum.. And the bangs, i lovee Tyra Banks + Bangs. Wow their names are so similar. Banks = Bangs. Lol

1. Cycle 16 – Brown Straight and Bangs

Okay this picture is super fun lol. Miss the old judges.

Anyway, back to her hair. Pretty much the same from cycle 17 , but straight, and Tyra looked just , perfect. OH not perfect. But divine!! Cyz Tyra always said “Perfect is Boring!” Yep. You’re right Tyra.

So that’s it. At the end of the day, Tyra Banks always looks so gorgeous… 🙂


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