ANTM Cycle 20 – Contestant’s Promo Picture ( HQ )


So i just posted the official cycle 20 promo picture. Now i got the contestant’s own picture. Here it is,, and also my opinion of them. 🙂

1. Alex


Strong pose, pretty face. Just flat.

2. Bianca


Looks kinda tacky. Maybe because of her hair. Overall strong pose.

3. Chlea


Surprisingly she looks fabulous in this! Very fierce, stunning face, great body, wierd left hand.

4. Chris H.


It’s FIERCE !! Strong pose, nice intense face. He looks like a dancer in this. Loving leather on him. Hawt! Always loves his swag.

5. Chris S.


He looks fierce, very seductive. NO NECK !! Also he’s the shortest guy in the competition, and in this picture, he just showed how short he is. Kinda dissapointed, but still love him 🙂

6. Cory


He looks good. Very cool. But nothing special here.

7. Don


He shows off the clothes very well. Face? Kinda blank

8. Jeremy


HOT !! Gorgeous intense face , his body looks really really good. Leather looks really good on him. God help me!

9. Jourdan


Fierce face , fierce pose , legs for days , booty tooch. This gal is stunning. She definetly stood out in the promo picture!

10. Jiana


The pose is okay. Kinda catalog-ish , but nice face though. BOMBSHELL!

11. Kanani


She’s stunning. Gorgeous. Booty tooch, great legs, love her eyebrows. After looking at this picture, i wish Tyra never cut her hair. He long hair looks so good and healthy here.

12. Marvin


He didn’t do much with his body, just standing there, but the face is fierce!

13. Mike


Just like Chlea, surprisingly he looks really good here. Very handsome . Yea but by far he’s the worst male model in the competition, for me,

14. Nina


Allison 2.0 , she’s trying too hard ! Trying too hard to be quirky and looking like Allison. Also she looks very short. Not the best of her. We wanna see NINA , not ALLISON 2.0

15. Phil


I think this looks tacky.

16. Renee


Her body is sick! So stunning. Gorgeous face, nice skin. Legs for days . LOVE HER !

So that’s it. Next, lets discuss the promo picture


Surprisingly, this looks amazing. With some horrible photoshoot this cycle , THIS is definetly a payback. I’ll love this picture even more , IF :

1. Jeremy and Chris H. should be in the front . They are so in the back, yet they’re the fiercest of all the guys.

2. Renee and Kanani. They should be given more space, i couldn’t even see Kanani’s body.

3. Bianca. Where’s her left hand, also i couldn’t see her face.

So that’s what i think. Post what you think in the comment box below 🙂


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