America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 1 BTS Pictures

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So just like the title, the behind-the-scenes pictures form episode 1 of ANTM Cycle 20, here is all of it.

The guys and girls gathering , ready to become teh next ANTM.


Vertical runway!! Definetly a BIG challenge for the models.


Tyra looking fabulous.


Oooh Bianca, actually she looks really good here..


Not sure who the guy is, but i’m pretty sure the girl is Renee


Cory looking fierce!


OMG Jourdan please stop it! You gonna kill me with your adorable-ness, Lol.


Marvin looks like a vampire here.


Cory is smoochin’ a guy, and i don’t know who he is. Woow Cory’s lucky lol. Also, look at the black girl on the side, Lol!


OMG What in the world?? What’s going on with that lipstick? God Chris H. looks cheap.


AGAIN? Oh God stop putting lipstick on the male models. Anyway Jeremy looks good here. Working it!


Tyra with Johnny and BBoy , Tyra looks stunning!




Wow she’s stunning! Lovin’ that dress.


Tyra opening the show.


Tyra’s working the runway , doing her Booty Tooch.


The girls looks crazy with the fros. Lol


Hoocha! Nina and Don!


Delten and Ashley.


AGAIN! What in the F ? Marvin looks like he had a nosebleed. Hayley looks fierce!


Adam and Caress


Jenna looks stunning. Mikenot so much,


So that’s it, don’t forget to tune in on 2nd August , CWTV 8/7 c for AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL CYCLE 20 : GUYS AND GIRLS

🙂 Much Love


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